Analytics Design Blueprint

What would be your long-term plan for getting the right Return on Investment by deploying analytics across your organization? How would you design the map and define the Step 1 to Step N to get you to your objectives? A part of our Core Advisory Services is designing the BluePrint for your Analytics journey. Coming from the deep-seated experience of our team who have spent many years working with Global Consulting and Product Organizations, you are assured of the right plan for your Organization.

Deployment Framework Build

With an eye for detail, DataLumin will define the optimal deployment and data strategies to meet your organizational needs. This will have full detail around the deployment strategy, roll-out activity plan, change management framework and a bonus document of a high-level adoption strategy document customized for your roll-out.

Adoption Workshops

Post the right strategy and implementation is how people who the Analytics solutions are deployed for use them and derive maximum value. Adoption workshops are designed very creatively to ensure this happens. This will include the design and execution of a carefully crafted plan with specific outcomes designed to increase the usage and value extraction.

Industry Specific Solution Design

Every Industry is different from the other in deployment of Analytics solutions, however there can be good practices that can be adopted from within the industry segment and cross-industry. Whether it is identifying the right metrics that are critical to measure performances of individual functions or leveraging the expertise of a well-tuned business process execution that can improve the ROI – DataLumin will bring you the right Industry expertise and deliver a recommendation document that can be an integral part of the Analytics Design BluePrint

Center of Excellence Design Services

Developing a strategy to scale your analytics footprint within the organization while minimising risk is a delicate task. Particularly when the users of the solution are spread across multiple geographies, building a Center of Excellence that can build and deploy while retaining the self-service autonomy that users want is critical. DataLumin will help you build that balance and work with your Analyst, Business User and IT teams to organize governance recommendations and deliver a Center of Excellence Strategy document. Using this, you can deploy the analytics solutions at scale with confidence.

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