Top 12 Solutions in BFSI we work on

Analytics Driven Security Information and Event Management SIEM

Realtime monitoring of threats

  • Insider Threat Detection
  • Advanced Target Attacks
  • Phishing
  • Anti Money Laundering

Risk Mitigation

Streamlining the exposure, bringing to light security gaps that can potentially cause data breach and non-compliance to regulation

Compliance Analytics & Regulatory Reporting

Automate the complete cyber-security initiatives and reduce operational overhead

Fraud Detection

Get ahead of fraudulent activity and act before the damage is done

  • Credit & Debit Card Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud Detection and Prevention

Conversational AI for Customer Service Enablement

Customer Service AI that will help you optimize operational cost, reduce customer churn and improve your NPS

Customer Intelligence

  • Sales and Branch performance – Analyse, track and forecast product
    sales across branches, lines of business, products, customers, geographies
  • Customer Analysis for Cross-Sell, Up-Sell – Explore Customer and
    Product data to better assess who to target, what to offer, and where
    cross-sell and up-sell opportunities exist

Cost Reduction

  • Expense Management – Drill into the details of Expenses across the
    network and get detailed understanding of the gaps in actual spending
    versus what was budgeted
  • Credit Risk & Exposure Analysis – Unrestricted analysis of loan and credit
    portfolios to evaluate profitability, uncover risk concentrations, and inform
    loan approval decisions.
  • Operational, IT and Financial Control – Analysis of internal operational
    processes (such as loan processing or fulfillment) to reduce costs and
    manage operational risk. Visibility into IT performance, including process
    efficiency, risk, infrastructure performance, and SLA agreements.

Business Agility

  • Executive Dashboards and Scorecards – Get a complete overview of all
    aspects of business in neatly organized stacks, all waiting for you to click
    and explore
  • Financial Management & Reporting – Fast and flexible P&L analysis and
    reporting for finance, including cash, working capital, budgeting &
    forecasting, and financial risk.

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