Data Integration

Bringing disparate sources of data combining them with the right schema, to a single unified view covering data cleansing, ETL, ELT, and transformation rules.

Big Data Management

Managing large volumes of structured and unstructured data can be a daunting task. With DataLumin’s frameworks, it becomes super easy to ensure quality data is available for analytics applications

DataWarehouse & Data Lake Automation

Gone are the days where we had 12-18 month cycles to create a DataWarehouse and DataLake. Leverage DataLumin’s charters & agile tools and spin up warehouses and lakes in weeks whether on-premise or on cloud.

Data Migration features

Moving Data from multiple legacy sources to a DW and modern cloud platforms can consume a lot of time and effort. Not anymore. Whether OnPrem to Cloud or from one Cloud to another Cloud, within weeks you will be up and ready.

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