Data Visualization

Once you have collected, integrated, cleansed, blended, joined, cataloged – the key part of the process is to visualize it. There are numerous stories that we all know where wrong visualizations have taken people down a different alley altogether. DataLumin’s Data Visualization best practices ensure you see the data the way it needs to be seen, at the same time offering you flexibility to move around the data pathways and enable to discover those key insights that transform the way you do business.

Conversational AI

Elon Musk famously said operating on Mobile is 1/5th as productive as working on a Laptop because your input factor comes down from 10 fingers to 2 thumbs. We now have taken a leap from typing and clicking to talking to our devices, with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. How much more productive if the Analytics systems can talk back to us, understand our intent, and give us exactly what we are looking for? Partnering with bleeding edge technologies, DataLumin provides you with these capabilities. Take a test-drive with us and we promise you will be delighted!

Data Literacy Workshops

Across Industries, there has been a huge explosion in the amount of data that can be harnessed for decision making. However, a lot of value is yet to extracted out of it from the people that can derive that meaning. The ability to translate data in useful nuggets of information is a skill that needs to be in every information worker and that skill is still elusive today. DataLumin understands this and working with industry leaders to help transfer these skills to organizations. We can help you to create, and organize DataLiteracy workshops across the user community and create a more data literate workforce.

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