Top 8 Solutions in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0/IoT

  • Predictive Maintenance – Bring in IoT data from devices installed in a complex production line environment to get insights into failures and fine tune the maintenance schedules and save costs
  • Production Monitoring – Monitor your production line from raw material to final assembly. Get insights into production KPIs and possess the ability to do complex analysis
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency – Get the right metrics to measure production efficiency across production lines. OEE broken down into Performance, Availability and Quality by Operation, Cell or Machine

Agile Supply Chain

  • Plant Performance – Analyze plant performance, by region, installations type and product. Users can analyze the throughput versus capacity and the shutdowns and alarms that occur at the plants
  • Distribution Efficiency – Get complete understanding of Lead time, Days in inventory, units in inventory to measure the performance of your distribution logistic.
  • Inventory & Product Availability – Get full visibility into inventory levels (instore, depot, and in transit) and potential insights into availability through out of stock measures and sales information. Lack of availability can mean lost potential sales. Too much inventory creates excess costs

Customer 360

  • Dealer Performance – Understand how efficiently your dealer/distributor network is performing and know about excess inventory holding or out of stock situations well in advance optimizing the supply chain
  • Sales & Customer Experience – Close the loop between Sales & Customer Experience by analyzing Customer Experience metrics Satisfaction, Effort, Advocacy, Net Promoter Score NPS, Journeys, etc. and helps identify key products to improve sales and gross margin

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