The 3 critical solution areas that encompass everything in Retail are centred around Customer, Marketing and Distribution

Shopper Engagement and Sales Management

  • Explore vast amounts of data to identify trends and opportunities.
  • Improve up-sell and cross-sell effectiveness by targeting offers by customer or group, increasing leads and improving conversions across the omni-channel

Marketing & Product Management

  • Gain better insight into market trends and opportunities, as well as analysis of existing customer buying patterns, product performance and campaign effectiveness
  • Marketing and product management can better segment and identify profitable target markets and customers before competitors
  • Product Managers can extract value from data held within and outside the organization to identify market needs which define product feature set requirements
  • Teams are armed with information to create compelling, effective product offerings and to design campaigns and promotions that drive customer acquisition, retention, brand awareness and increased share of wallet

Supply Chain & Procurement

  • Gain transparency across sourcing, demand management, forecasting and inventory to support supply chain planning and execution activities
  • Enables the data intensive internal and external collaborative activities that underpin forecasting processes, greatly increasing speed and accuracy, leading to benefits in efficiency, waste reduction, product availability, and ultimately customer satisfaction.
  • Analyse supplier performance against SLAs and allows procurement to monitor and evaluate supplier performance and secure improvements to product or service quality
  • Analyse levels of inventory across raw materials, work in progress, finished goods, goods in transit or returns providing visibility and enabling management control
  • Ensure high levels of order fulfilment is critical in maintaining positive relationships with key customers
  • The capability DataLumin provides to analyze large volume of data across transport, warehouse, route planning, vehicle load and related systems is key in ensuring customer service SLAs are achieved

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